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Abortion survivor.  Several friends have posted her speech given in Australia. I listened with mixed feelings. I admit that my knowledge of abortion procedures is limited. Hearing the description of a late term saline abortion, and that people survive it was terrifying. I’ve realized that I need to know more about what the law says.

I will say that I found Ms. Jensen’s language somewhat alienating when she spoke of being “His girl,” (referring to Christ) however, I can understand the fervor with which she says it.  Being a survivor takes that kind of energy, I think. Someone commented that they liked what she said about being hated, comparing herself to how Christ was hated.  I admit that freaked me out a bit. 

Despite that, I want to agree with her. I really can’t imagine that people 17 years of age have the experience to make this kind of decision on their own. I don’t trust statistics. Everyone seems to manipulate them as they see fit.  What is reality? I don’t have a clue.

I really can’t imagine the circumstances that would motivate me to have an abortion, other than rape, incest, etc. And even then, it would be incredibly difficult. I do however believe that people need to be allowed to make choices.  Is this one I’m willing to live with someone else making? Need more information!