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I was examining some frustrations with a friend and waxing eloquent in my whining, when she told me that what had worked for her was to re-write the narrative of how I see these issues confronting me.  I have definitely been going through a mourning period in my life right now.  A lot of things have come to an end for me, and especially recently, I have been dragging myself to get through a day.  I am tired of tackling the same problems with the same tactics and getting the same results.  I’m trying to start over, and I can see myself walking down the same old paths.  I can’t do it anymore!  But, where to go from here?  I have no idea, and I have to say I’m a bit terrified to walk down new roads.

Friends help.  One step at a time.

Learning to love myself.  One of the great of epiphanies of the week is this:

I make mistakes.  Big ones, sometimes.  I’m human.

I hurt people.  Badly, sometimes.  I’m not perfect.

I HATE that I do this.  But, I can’t spend my life in isolation, and it seems I can’t progress without making some costly choices.  And, I wouldn’t change it.  I can only do my best.  So, I am re-writing this narrative to learn from the pain I cause other people, and myself.  To you whom I have learned from, I say namaste and thank you.