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I remember when this movie starring Demi Moore came out. I was a young teenager, and I wanted desperately to see it, but it was rated R, so I knew there was no way I ever would.

It’s interesting to think about it now having watched it for the first time 13 years after it came out. At the time I had seen films about the military and war. I remember seeing films in school about the Korean War, and the special “education” edit of Glory that were pretty gruesome, and being horrified by them.

However, I don’t think I ever really connected. I mean, I’m horrified by war, and there’s no possibility that I want to be involved in the military or anyone to have to be subjected to such inhuman conditions and situations as war creates. But, watching G.I. Jane _felt_ different. I could now see “myself” in that situation. A woman was _there_. Being subjected to the same cruelties that men face in training and combat. I connected in a way that I just hadn’t felt before. It felt really odd to have a woman there. Though the feminist in me balked (whoever that is), my initial reaction was: She shouldn’t be there. That’s no place for a woman.

The reality is, I feel like that’s no place for a human being. But, it was really interesting to feel it so strongly watching a woman go through it.